It's Already Done lyrics

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It's Already Done lyrics

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Td Jakes
It's Already Done lyrics

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Verse 1:
I'm holding fast to the promise
to what God has spoken to me,
He promised me if I believe
I can move mountains into the sea;
don't you know
I believe what He said when He said it,
It's already done,
'it's already done'.
Verse 2:
Thine word has been settled in heaven,
now we must call those things to be.
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done
as it is in heaven in earth it shall be.
It's done today, It's done I saith;
I believe that it's already done.
His promises, His word I read;
I believe it's already done.
It's already done
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It's Already Done lyrics
Td Jakes It's Already Done song lyrics
Td Jakes It's Already Done lyrics

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